Roseville Restaurant Owner or General Manager

Dear Roseville Restaurant Owner or Manager,

We are grateful to our wonderful Roseville restaurant community for supporting the City Awards Banquet honoring our Roseville police and fire personnel. Our 19th Annual City Awards Banquet will be held on May 4th, 2018. This inspirational and honoring “Emmy” style awards event is our community's "Thank You" gift back to our Fire and Police Departments for their outstanding service to our community.

We are humbly inquiring if you would consider joining us in saying Thank You to one of Roseville's finest, our police or fire personnel for their sacrifice and service to our community by donating a gift card(s) to accompany the recipient’s award at this inspirational and honoring event. Our vision is to have each police and fire award recipient receive an award which could be passed down for generations and enjoy a nice evening out dining with their guest.  Each department presents distinguished awards for a total of 10 awards throughout the evening's festivities.

Roseville’s first responders are genuine community heroes who willingly choose a high stress profession, which requires them to daily be willing to sacrifice (Sometimes the ultimate sacrifice, 218 fatalities: 125 law enforcement & 93 firefighter fatalities reported across the U.S. in 2017.) for strangers and serve their community without acknowledgment. .

For this reason, we extend our sincere appreciation to you as a restaurant business owner in our community for considering partnering with us in creating this elegant evening of honoring.

We are humbly grateful for your consideration.

If any further questions arise, please contact me anytime.

With sincere gratitude,

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Sondra Jensen

Event Producer

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19th Annual City Awards Banquet | Roseville