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Remi Adeleke

As a part of America’s most elite fighting unit, Remi Adeleke has had the opportunity to see and do things that both men and women have only dreamed about. Remi will be the first to admit that he has had some exciting jobs, but what is even more remarkable is his story, which begins in a small country in Western Africa.

The son of a well-known Nigerian engineer and a homemaker, Remi lived the life of opulence; but in 1987 that all changed when his father suddenly died. With his father’s death also came the death of their luxurious lifestyle, and the beginning of a life filled with constant adversity and struggles.

Financially stripped by the Nigerian government, Remi and His mother permanently relocate to one of the toughest inner cities in America- Bronx, New York. Though austere, the Bronx proved to be the perfect environment to prepare Remi for his future as a Navy SEAL, and also to instill a key lesson that he teaches to this day- perseverance.

After years of running the streets, fighting, and participating in illegal activities, Remi decided to make a change in his life. In the early summer of 2002 he enlisted in the U.S Navy, and embarked on a journey that reads like a Hollywood Script.

As a Navy SEAL, Remi has gone through the toughest military training known to man- SEAL training. His graduating class began with 270 men, and finished with only 29. Trained by the best, Remi has conducted direct action missions, reconnaissance missions, Foreign Internal Defense, and counter terrorism operations in some of the most volatile parts of the world.

After serving 10 and a half years in the Navy, Remi enlisted in the Naval Reserves and served at SEAL Team 17 which is a SEAL Reserve Unit.  In January 2016 Remi decided it was time to move on and was honorably discharged from the Navy.

Remi’s passion of speaking into the lives of others has evolved into a second occupation: inspirational speaking. His unique story and speaking skills have opened up doors for him to speak at a variety of events, from memorial services and ministry events, to motivational seminars and college classes. He specializes in topics encompassing leadership, mental toughness, critical thinking, perseverance, choices and team building. Drawing from his experiences in Special Operations and his experience in the streets of New York City, Remi inspires people to achieve greatness by stressing the importance of outstanding leadership, perseverance, and character at every level.

Remi is the former Co-founder Acumen Performance Group, which was founded in 2011.  Acumen Performance Group is a consulting company, which facilitates mental toughness, leadership, and team building training for Olympians, pro athletes and corporations. Remi-“Our training methods not only transform men and women into elite warriors, but athletes into champions and employees into enthusiastic partners focused on achieving success for their team." In 2015 Remi sold his shares back to APG in order to focus on his own consulting firm, Adeleke Enterprises.  Similar to Acumen Performance Group Adeleke Enterprises also facilitates mental toughness, leadership and teambuilding training and seminars with a wide variety of clients.

Remi has been featured in Men's Health Magazine, as well as Special Operations Magazine. Towards the end of his SEAL career, he was made the face of the SEAL Teams and his image can still be found on the official Navy SEAL website ( and throughout their national recruiting campaign.  Remi is also an actor; and is featured in Paramount Pictures film, Transformers: The Last Knight, a Jockey commercial, AT&T commercial, Army commercial, and the CBS hit show SEAL Team.

As an author Remi is signed to Harper Collins publishing, one of the worlds highly respected publishing company.

Remi has his Bachelors of Science in Organizational Leadership and a Masters of Science in Strategic Leadership with s Specialization in Strategy as Practice, both from the University of Charleston West Virginia.

Remi Resides in Southern California with his wife Dr. (MD) Jessica Adeleke and their two sons, Cayden (3) and Caleb (2).